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Coupon Codes Deals

Men's Single Breasted, Notch Lapel Tuxedo Features a jacket, shirt, pants, and a bowtie: everything you need. This is a great tuxedo that is 100% perfect for almost any formal occasion such as a prom, wedding, or black tie event. This bundle is extremely popular!

BUNDLE2 Men's Single Breasted, Peak Lapel Tuxedo Features a jacket, shirt, pants, and a bowtie: everything you need. This is another great formal tuxedo that works in just about any formal occasion. It is also one of our best sellers!
BUNDLE3 Men's Full Dress Tail Coat Tuxedo Features a jacket, shirt, pants, and a bowtie. The full dress tail coat jacket makes a bold statement at formal events, an elegant night out on Broadway seeing a show, or even seeing an opera or ballet performance. Complement it with some great accessories to really stand out.
BUNDLE4 Men's Satin Vest & Bowtie or Tie Features a vest and bowtie or tie. Many men already own some nice dress shoes, pants, and a shirt. A vest and bowtie elevates your look for a party. And with so many color combinations available, you can choose whether to look more traditional or go for a bright and modern look. This is a nice way to dip your toes into the "Dress to Impress" waters without going crazy and stepping out of your comfort zone.
BUNDLE5 Men's Satin Cummerbund & Bowtie or Tie Features a cummerbund and bowtie or tie. Hot fashion tip: a cummerbund is something that so few people ever make the effort to wear, but something that makes you look put together and complete like almost nothing else. They're easy to put on, very inexpensive, one-size-fits-all, and come in a wide range of colors and styles. Keep a few of these in your closet in a couple of different colors and you'll have style options that none of your competitors in the dating game will be able to match.
BUNDLE6 Women's Single Breasted, Notch Lapel Tuxedo Features a jacket, shirt, pants, and a bowtie. Tuxedos for women are a great fashion statement. They are specially cut, sized, and designed to complement a woman's sense of style. Whether this is for a black tie event or a party, you'll look sharp and impressive in a nice tuxedo.
BUNDLE7 Men's Waiter Uniform Features a pants, shirt, vest, and tie. If you have a hospitality job in a fancy bar, swanky country club, fine dining restaurant, or even a ritzy hotel, odds are that this will be the uniform package your boss will tell you to get. If you ever read about us you'd see that we have a lot of combined experience in the hospitality business and know exactly what is important when you're so busy: all of our items are machine washable and very easy to take care of!
BUNDLE8 Women's Waiter Uniform Features a pants, shirt, vest, and tie. Get the perfect fit so you can stay comfortable all day long at your job. You have to look sharp and professional so you can rake in those tips. And since these items are all wash and wear, you won't have to drive out to the dry cleaners and deal with an annoying extra step. This is a 100% perfect uniform for wait staff, caterers, bartenders, or anybody working any sort of hospitality industry job.
Men's Satin Shawl Lapel Tuxedo

Features a jacket, shirt, pants, and bowtie. The highlight of this set is a tuxedo jacket with a shimmering thick lapel. You can wear this to work, and won't feel out of place at the afterparty. And since you can toss it in a normal washing machine, the next day you'll look good as new. This is an incredible deal for a great full tuxedo outfit. 


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